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Wedding, Seating Planner, Busy B

Busy B

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Seating plan for your big day driving you crazy.  Uncle Joe shouldn't sit next to Auntie Marjorie or Bridget doesn't get on with Mary.  We've all been there. Let this clever planner help. Swap and change to your hearts content until you've finally cracked who sits where. Then relax, sit back and enjoy your big day, knowing the biggest headache of all is out of the way.

Key Features

  • Beautiful tab sleeve, with silver script "Seating Plan" and two silver champagne glasses on the front, holds 2 big seating plan sheets, one for practice, one for real.
  • Table templates included to draw your seating arrangements on the sheets.
  • 2 sheets to keep track of your acceptances.
  • Movable sticky markers (120 in total) to place your guests at the various tables.
  • Dimensions:
    • Planning sheets:  43cm x 50cm  approx.
    • Sleeve:                20cm x 15cm (w) x 0.5 cm (d) approx.

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