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Wedding Season

Posted by Lewis Fee on

Its summer time and traditionally all the potential happy couples plan their weddings hoping for a barmy day of sunshine. Unfortunately in  the UK hopes are usually dashed and its a grey drizzly day. Not that this stops us plucky Brits from celebrating the wedding nuptials with a few toasts and humorous anecdotes.

You can't turn up to  a wedding expecting to eat the food for free now can you? Here at Bits Bobs & Pieces we aim to provide you with that little wedding present or engagement gift that says "we wish you long term happiness, now where's the buffet and bar". If you don't want to read any further and your the sort of person to cut right to it click HERE and you will be taken to our wedding section which includes engagement, or possibly a little hen or stag gift.

Bridesmaid for a day best friends for life fine china mug grande


"Bridesmaid for a day
Best Friends for life"  Mug.




Eggcellent nest egg honeymoon fund grande


This Eggcellant honeymoon savings pot will encourage the couple to be to save for the all important breather after the nuptials. 




Ladies hip flask


A little hen night treat to pop in a purse or handbag. Try this hip flask





Do not disturb   just married grande



Cute little door hangar for the wedding night or honeymoon is also available.



Personalised hand cut heart flutes with swarovski elements box grande



Beautiful personalised Swarovski flutes. These will stand out from the crowd once unwrapped. of course no point having flutes with nothing to put in them so.......



Personalised wine with 2 engraved glasses grande


Probably a gift between the bride and groom this one but a nice one all the same. A bottle of wine with a personalised message on the glasses that can be kept forever. Available in all wine colours and presented in a gift box.



Personalised wedding anniversary frame album grande



A personalised wedding album frame which can be left free standing. 




Wedding countdown chalkboard grande




Wedding Count Down Chalk board. Its getting closer.............



You and me photo frame grande

We have a few different frames to choose from for a wedding present come and take a look.






If you are 50% of the happy couple and you're reading this don't worry, we also cater for your wedding party, from bridesmaid's and best man through to mother and father of the bride and groom.


Personalised sterling silver cufflinks grande


The stalwart best mans present silver engraved cufflinks. We have a few versions available, these being sterling silver. However there are cheaper options that look just as good.




Personalised hip flask best man with stars grande 


Check out this personalised hip flask that can contain the name and role of any of your wedding party.




Heart necklace and personalised box bridesmaid grande



Or this personalised heart necklace. Again for any member of your wedding party. Available in a cross, Angel or butterfly as well.




We also provide the tools to help you plan your big day.

Wedding to do s organiser busy b grande This wedding to do organiser by Busy B has these great features:

  • "Getting Started": Date, time, place etc.
  • "Checklist": Inform family/friends, set date, dress and wardrobe, invitations etc.
  • "Guest List" with his and hers columns.
  • "Guests and Gifts".  
  • "Wedding Day" has a tick list for those important reminders like venue booked, cake, menus, rings to name just a few. Followed by a very useful "Contacts Page" so you know who's providing what.
  • "Wardrobe" has ample space, especially for the bride, so you know what each member of the bridal party is wearing and where from.
  • "Budget and Notes". Keep a eye on the finances.


Wedding seating planner busy b grandeAnd this Wedding Seating planner also from Busy B will help you keep your wedding party organised for their meal:

  • Beautiful tab sleeve, with silver script "Seating Plan" and two silver champagne glasses on the front, holds 2 big seating plan sheets, one for practice, one for real.
  • Table templates included to draw your seating arrangements on the sheets.
  • 2 sheets to keep track of your acceptances.
  • Movable sticky markers (120 in total) to place your guests at the various tables

Of course there are many more items available in our store along with other other gifts for any occasion. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the products we are only to happy to help. Now get out there and enjoy the day whether your the Bride, Groom, a member of the official wedding party or a humble guest.

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