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Top 5 gift ideas for him

Posted by Lewis Fee on

The 50% male population of the planet are notoriously hard to buy gifts for, below you will find 5 gifts for him from Bits Bobs & Pieces. We have tried to stock unusual, classy gifts that any man will find useful and fun.

1: The first offering is a bit of a cheat as it is 2 different products around the same theme. Does your other half like a poker night with the boys, maybe as a family you play games together. These 2 card sets are attractively presented in their own wooden cases. One consists of cards and dice and the other also has a set of dominoes.  Click on any of the pictures below to find out a little more.

Gentleman s paying cards and dice grande                  Harvey makin playing cards dice dominoes in wooden box grande

2: Hip flasks are becoming a very popular present especially in the 18 - 30 years old bracket among males. As the cost of going out for a drink increases some like to hide away a little warmer to make the night a little cheaper. Its a great, fun 18th birthday present and we also stock flasks you are able to personalise for any occasion including weddings. They would make a unique gift for the male contingent of a wedding party. Check them out by hitting the links.

Emporium 5oz gentleman s hip flask   for medicinal use only grande                      Personalised hip flask stainless steel christmas grande

 3: Miniatures clock. A great addition to any office desk, at least he will know when to eat and when to come home. Is your fella a Volkswagen camper van fan, or just likes the football. We have a few different varieties of these. Don't waste time hit the links.

VW camper van clock              Miniature indian style black motorbike clock

 4: Wash Bag. Do you know a guy who travels a lot, or needs his holiday wash bag updating? these novelty wash bags are sure to bring a grin to the face of even the grumpiest guy. Nicely presented with 2 differing messages click on the link for more detailed information or to order. 

Ministry of chaps wash bag  department approved top bloke                  Ministry of chaps warning hot guy handsomeness kit wash bag

5: Cuff links.  Pretty much a stalwart for the bloke present, is a set of cuff links. In store there are some available to personalise for any occasion you can think of. We also have Manchester united, Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC novelty cuff links available, which come stylishly present in a personalised box. These will brighten up any work shirt and the sterling silver ones can be worn on any special occasion, a real treat.

Personalised sterling silver square cufflinks in box                  Personalised Manchester United cufflinks

These are just a few gift ideas for him that I have picked out from the Bits Bobs and Pieces website if you would like to browse through a greater range please click on this link and browse through. Of course there are many more gifts available on the store for any occasion so maybe you should start on our homepage

Many thanks for reading! Remember to leave us feedback and sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page.




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