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Father's day @ Bits Bobs & Pieces

Posted by Lewis Fee on

I am a British guy posting a blog out there on the world wide web. There are links on this blog to our products, of course that's why I write it, shameless publicity of the site!

However if there are some international readers I have taken the liberty of inserting links to explain all the obscure UK words I like to throw in on occasion. My favourite new word is Brexit but that's a little insight into where my vote is going!

Read on every day is a school day!

A gift for him on Father's day is always tricky. Being a man myself we make it difficult for our loved ones by not knowing what we want, if we do know, we have usually gone out and bought it ourselves anyway. Unlike Mother's day, where it is always possible to pick up something shiny as a token gesture, men are generally into big expensive gadgets. There is always the option of a bottle of spirits for many men, but that is usually a cop-out, like a jewellery gift for her.

As mentioned before I am a man, and my wife and kids have in the past bought me some very appreciated slippers and underwear, a stalwart gift for any man approaching or past his 4th decade and beyond, but hardly thought provoking. If you like a practical gift how about this quirky wine bottle opener kit which is housed inside a mock red wine bottle. I was astonished when I saw this, it is a great set presented in a very different manner. It will not look out of place stood right next to the other bottles, and I'm sure it will be commented on by his mates at that upcoming shindig.

5 Piece Wine bottle opener setPersonalised hip flask leather and steel

We have tried to add a bit of variety to our Father's day offerings this year. Along with that bottle of spirits why not include a personalised hip flask. We have a few different choices on the store. We even have a set including a keyring and pen. If it is beer he is into we have a range of beer bottle openers to choose from.

Beer bottle openers

Hip flask, pen & key ring set 


So far, after saying a bottle of spirits is a cop-out I have preceded to tell you all about presents for Dad that are all related to booze. Maybe that is just an insight into my personal psyche. I must diversify before I stop typing and head down the pub.

From drinking to gambling (I'll class it up later honest) we all know he likes a flutter on the horses, dogs, footy or golf, why not introduce him to the world of home poker nights, where he can use his hip flask and wine bottle opener to impress his mates as he fleeces them out of their hard earned cash. As we all know you always make money gambling and it will be his first step on the road to world poker champion and millions in the bank. (disclaimer, please gamble responsibly and what I said was cobblers).

Right all those against drinking and gambling can now get some actual Daddy gift ideas that you won't mind the nippers wrapping and handing over themselves. For all the Volkswagen Van enthusiasts we have come across this clock. It is great quality and is weighty to hold. Not into VW vans not to worry we have an Indian motorbike one and the obligatory football.

VW camper van clockIndian motorbike clock

Wives and kids the world over know that Dad is a genius, we always tell them enough times so it must be true. A notebook to jot down those brilliant ideas while poking a little fun is a perfect present. In 2 slightly different mickey taking designs.

Brilliant ideas notebookGenius Notebook

Right I'm sure you are thoroughly miffed at reading my drivel by now so i'm just going to chuck in a few more quick ideas and be off!

A personalised hammer 

Personalised Father's day hammerPersonalised apron for father's day

A Personalised apron. I can't be the only Dad that cooks and the Mrs is always having a go when I stain my clothes. Debs if your reading little hint!

Personalised Glasses of many varieties. Below is a shot glass that can be personalised for any occasion just change to best Dad, but we have wine glasses and beer glasses too. Some even include the wine (red, white and rose) in a nice set which looks great so I'm throwing in that pic as well. The glasses get engraved so you can keep them forever! You all knew I'd finish on booze right?.

Personalised shot glass Personalised wine glasses and wine

Right that's enough, if you would like to see some more just hit this last link which is our Father's day collection.

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